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Philosophy and Strategy

Jship emphasizes
quality and competence
of a variety of services.

Japan Shipping Services Co., Ltd. Managing Director Yoshifumi Takeda


Quality and Competence

Japan Shipping Services Co., Ltd.(Jship) is a Tokyo-based independent shipbrokering group, modest in size. As its basic policy, Jship emphasizes quality and competence of varied services it provides rather than pursuing outright business expansion.

Clientele-oriented Way

“Sincerity” is the most important factor for Jship. If, for instance, some other broker is found more capable in certain business, Jship would not hesitate to recommend such channel even to its closely related customer. Jship is also trying to be attentive enough to pick up such market data or other information as useful for its customers instead of simply conveying a bunch of messages as they are. Jship firmly believes this clientele-oriented way of providing services will further strengthen the long-standing, mutual relationship with its customers.

Business Coordinator or Creator

Yoshifumi (Yoshi) Takeda, founder and chief executive of Jship, has a shipbroking career of more than 25 years. Earlier, he was stationed in London for 3 years, thereby learning a lot about the way of thinking or attitude of Western shipbrokers. There are a number of shipbrokers operating in Japan but Yoshi has a feeling that, with major trading houses set aside, the shipbrokering business in Japan is not so highly valued as in London, Oslo or Piraeus. He thus wants to steer Jship in such direction as more focusing on a role of business coordinator or creator.

a Unique Culture or Emotional Feature

Japan is an archipelago totally surrounded by open seas and people living there have a unique culture or emotional feature. Despite the ongoing globalization, it appears that some aspects of Japan may be still difficult for foreigners to understand. In this respect, Jship strongly wishes to be a business entity capable of precisely presenting or introducing such aspects on the world marketplace. Also, Japan is increasingly exposed to fierce competition with its highly potential neighbors like Korea and China. However, Jship believes there will always be some alterative way for doing business, thus looking forward to opportunities of working together with overseas-based shipowners, operators or shipbrokers.

Company outline

Japan Shipping Services Co., Ltd.
2F., Hibiya Building, 1-1-1, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
Tel 03-3580-7733 / +81-3-3580-7733
Fax: 03-3580-7737 / +81-3-3580-7737
Project Deal, Sales and Purchase (1)Newbuilding (2)Secondhand Vessel, Chartering, Other Services
Paid Capital
Yen 99,950,000
Annual turnover
2.5 billion yen
28th April, 1995
Managing Director
Yoshifumi Takeda
Number of employees
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
Japan Shipbrokers Association
The Baltic and International Maritime Council
Yoshi Takeda as major shareholders and we have other 8 companies with whom acting nearly exclusive or at least especial channel for any of business.
Main bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.
The Hyakujushi Bank,Ltd.
Shinsei Bank, Limited
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd.


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